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Collapsible coffee dripper (Large), stores flat, minimalist design

-Lightweight, easy to assemble, combines stability and portability

-Brews up to 3 cups of coffee, compatible with cone filters

-Can be placed on a cup/bottle with a mouth diameter of 46-130mm

-Material: Stainless steel (Oxidization colored)







・素材:ステンレス (酸化発色処理)


Tetra Drip (black stainless steel, large)

  • folded size _ 132 x 88 x 0.8mm
    weight _ 35g
    material _ stainless steel
    paper filter _ standard conical type


  • New color has joined stainless steel lineup. By making a very thin oxide coating film on the stainless steel surface, it appears black due to interference of light. Unlike painting, components other than stainless steel are not included. 



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